2018 General Election Endorsements

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Our Revolution Texas Gulf Coast is proud to announce that the following candidates have received the endorsement of our membership for the 2018 General Election in November. Please support these outstanding candidates with your campaign contributions and volunteer time. Electing a strong base of progressive candidates in November is the next step in the Revolution!


Mike Siegel, U.S. Congress, Texas 10

Adrienne Bell, US Congress, Texas 14

Dayna Steele, U.S. Congress, Texas 36


Rita Lucido, Texas Senate, District 17

Jennifer Cantu, Texas House of Representatives, District 85

Jon Eric Rosenthal, Texas House of Representatives, District 135

Eliz Markowitz, Texas State Board of Education – District 7

Brazoria County

Robin Burgess, Brazoria County Court at Law 4

F.J. Jones, Justice of Peace Pct 4, Pl 2, Brazoria County

Rose MacAskie, Brazoria County District Clerk

Fort Bend County

Juli Mathew, Fort Bend County Court at Law 3

Harris County – Local Offices

Marilyn Burgess, Harris County District Clerk

Andrea Duhon, Harris County Dept of Education, Board of Trustees, Precinct 3

Ana Hernandez, Texas House of Representatives, District 143

Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge

Dylan Osborne, Harris County Treasurer

Penny Shaw, Harris County Commissioner, Precinct 4

Harris County – Judicial

Frances Bourliot, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 5

Franklin Bynum, Harris County Criminal Court No. 8

Scot Dollinger, 189th Civil District Court, Harris County

Toria Finch, Harris County Criminal Court No. 9

David Fleisher, Harris County Criminal Court No. 5

Meagan Hassan, 14th Court of Appeals, Place 6

DaSean Jones, 180th Criminal District Court, Harris County

Tonya Jones, Harris County Criminal Court No. 15

Jim Kovach, Harris County Civil Court No. 2

Tristan Harris Longino, 245th Family District Court, Harris County

Jason Luong, 185 Criminal District Court, Harris County

Bill McLeod, Harris County Civil Court No. 4

Latosha Lewis Payne, 55th Civil District Court, Harris County

Lauren Reeder, 234th Civil District Court, Harris County

Raul Rodriguez, Harris County Criminal Court No. 13

Cory Sepolio, 269th Civil District Court, Harris County

Hilary Unger, 248th Criminal District Court, Harris County

Brian Warren, 209th Criminal District Court, Harris County

Campaigns End, Revolutions Endure